BCF Expert Hackathon

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Our BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) working group is holding a hackathon in Helsinki, 8-9 June 2015. The objective of the hackathon is to push implementation, solve issues and share experiences in BCF-software implementation.

On the agenda:

  • Implement, debug, and test BCF implementations
  • Create and document test cases for current and future implementations

Not on the agenda:

  • Presentation and PowerPoints
  • Plan future versions of BCF standard (while ideas might be logged)

These events are for experts only, who already have a detailed knowledge of BCF and gained already experience in software implementation. This is not a product-management of marketing like event.

This event will last two days. There will be one day for the file based BCF 2 implementations and another for BCF API implementations. The participants should be ones that are actually doing BCF implementations. The idea is to get the hands dirty. A prerequisite for participant is that at least support for BCF 1.0 is already implemented, so that the group can work at more or less at the same level.

The first BCF-Hackaton will take place in Helsinki,  8-9 June 2015, and will be hosted by Solibri. Number of participants is limited and registration (Pasi.Paasiala@solibri.com) is mandatory.

Details of the BCF-Standard (BIM Collaboration Format) and details can be found on the technical bSI-Site. There are also references to GitHub, where the specification became developed and is publicly available.