buildingSMART International Releases 2013 Annual Report

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buildingSMART International's Annual Report for 2013 is now available. The report summarizes the activities and achievements of buildingSMART's committees, working groups and chapters during the year.

Notable highlights include:

  • The approval of IFC4 as an ISO standard (ISO 16739)
  • The certification of fourteen software products from six different vendors as complying with IFC2x3
  • The launch of the Infra Room, and the identification of four top priority infrastructure projects
  • The development of an improved technical platform for bSDD, and a new version of the BIM Collaboration Format
  • The launch of two new chapters, in China and Hong Kong.

The report also looks ahead to the need for organisational changes within buildingSMART and enhanced project management arrangements to enable the organisation to operate more effectively in the future.

Download the buildingSMART 2013 Annual Report here.