Season’s Greetings from Richard Petrie

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2015 has been a very interesting and positive year for buildingSMART and I am once again taking the opportunity of the seasonal holiday to provide a short update.

At the heart of our joint endeavours is the shared knowledge and belief that open shared data will greatly improve the performance of the built asset sector. Sharing is difficult but it is worthwhile and I think it is a sign of progress that as we grow we are finding more issues where detailed international discussion is needed. Thank you for being prepared to support or engage in this mutual endeavour. It is valuable and your investment will, I am sure, pay off.

Our leadership cadre has grown with increasing activity in our rooms and groups. Of particular note was the retirement of Francois Grobler. After so many years leading the technical community his departure will be missed. Richard Kelly joined as our Operation Director.

We have developed a new bSI-Chapter agreement which is intended to strengthen our collective operations. Comments are due back by the end of the year but already 5 or 6 Chapters have signed up. Next year we will be looking to maximise the effectiveness of our collective but scare resources and this will be a focus for the International Council meeting in May.

The Australian, Benelux and Japanese Chapters have been Full Chapters for the first time this year and I thank them for their commitment. The new Spanish Chapter joined this year and as I write I am delighted to be able to announce that a new Swiss Chapter will join formally in 2016. I also anticipate that our US Chapter will follow quickly.

The Strategic Advisory Council has also grown this year with Arup engaging strongly. The autumn meeting of the Board and SAC was attended by 18 people. The constructive and challenging discussion is now leading to action in the shape of a follow on SAC project to improve the effectiveness of our products for real users.

The Standards Program has continued to develop. We are busy; maturing the Standards Process, introducing a collaborative working platform and supporting the development of working groups and activities through the process. Of particular note has been the work in the Infrastructure Room which is supported financially by our Infra client group. Also the Technical Room’s new initiative on Linked Data, the Building Room taking the lead for the suite of MVDs for building processes, while the Product Room has focussed on product templates and integration of the data dictionary with all our rooms. The Regulatory Room is looking to bring forward automatic code checking. I look forward to future progress in all these areas.

New bSI Final Standards published this year are:

BIM Collaboration Format XML & API

IFC4 Design Transfer View

IFC4 Reference View

IFC4 Infrastructure Alignment (together OGC)

Finally I should also mention the important but less visible work which has been going on developing capability in the Compliance and User programs; the new IFC 4 Certification is expected to be launched early in 2016, the People Compliance is to be ratified by the Standards Committee and the International User Group is developing plans for the User Program.

To all those who have supported or been part of buildingSMART this year THANK YOU once again.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year to all.

Richard Petrie

Chief Executive buildingSMART International