Ferrovial Agroman join buildingSMART International

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Ferrovial Agroman, the construction arm of infrastructure and service giant Ferrovial, have joined buildingSMART’s membership.

Ferrovial Agroman is the unit that carries out civil engineering construction, building and industrial projects. It is internationally renowned for its design capacity and construction of exceptional projects of all kinds, and primarily for its major transport infrastructures.


Teodoro Alvarez-Fadón, Global Head of Innovation explained the reasons why Ferrovial Agroman see membership of buildingSMART International to be so important. “buildingSMART is not only a perfect mirror of Ferrovial Agroman’s geographical diversity with their Chapters structure, but it also covers our broad range of project types through the different Rooms. For that reason, we could not refuse the chance to join buildingSMART and to become part of their journey to transform the construction industry by contributing to the definitions of the international (open) standards which will dictate the future of our sector.”

Richard Kelly, buildingSMART International Operations Director stated that “not only would Ferrovial Agroman bring a healthy user perspective to the development of open digital solutions but their professional management expertise would strengthen the management of the Standards Program.”

Ferrovial Agroman’s membership comes at a time when buildingSMART is launching a Construction and an Airport Room which are areas where they have great knowledge.

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive announced that “Ferrovial Agroman’s decision to become a member of buildingSMART is very exciting and a further indication that the need for open data exchange standards is becoming more widely understood amongst the industry’s client base and that they see buildingSMART as the professional organisation that will deliver their needs”