International Housing Association Pledges Support for BIM

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At its Annual Meeting in February 2014 in Las Vagas, Nevada USA, the IHA formally recognized the potential for Building Information Modelling (BIM) to play an important role in construction’s future in those markets where the owners and projects can sustain it because implementing BIM can result in reduced costs, faster completions and – above all – better buildings.

Furthermore, the meeting produced a public declaration that IHA members have a common interest in supporting the continuing development and implementation of open international BIM standards. In its signed Statement of Intent, the IHA sets out how it intends to support BIM by:

  • Sharing knowledge and best practices regarding BIM at IHA meetings.
  • Establishing a BIM Committee within IHA.
  • Supporting, to the extent legally and practically possible and within established budget limits, quality goals for open BIM-related projects on a national level.
  • Looking for opportunities to initiate and participate in open BIM-related projects on a national level.
  • Supporting the position of organizations such as buildingSMART International which seeks the development and promotion of open international BIM standards.
  • Using relevant existing industry organizations, associations, interest groups, or other forums or create new forums as required for our collaboration. Relevant existing forums may include, but are not limited to, International Housing Association (IHA) and buildingSMART International.

The Statement of Intent was signed on behalf of organisations representing the home building industry in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

Read the IHA Statement of Intent