Mensch und Maschine join buildingSMART International

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buildingSMART International is delighted to announce that the the technology company Mensch und Maschine has joined buildingSMART International as Standard Members.

Mensch und Maschine is a multidisciplinary technology company active in the AEC, Infrastructure, GIS, Manufacturing, Electrotechnical and Media & Entertainment Sectors. With Headquarters near Munich, Germany, Mensch und Maschine operates in 14 European countries through a concentrated network of more than 50 branch offices. Providing software sales, training, technical support and consultancy services, Mensch und Maschine has an annual revenue of € 160 Million (2015) and employs over 730 staff.

In 2014 Mensch und Maschine launched its’ BIM Ready training concept which is unique in the German speaking region and now offers three distinct programmes for BIM Modellers, Coordinators and BIM Managers. Mensch and Maschine is committed to the buildingSMART Individual Certification Programme and is eager to see the BIM Ready course as one of the first buildingSMART accredited courses in Europe.

Mensch and Maschine supports openBIM and is intensively engaged in buildingSMART activities at international and national levels. In addition to the Individual Certification programme, Mensch and Maschine is active in the buildingSMART Building Committee, the International User Group, the BCF Workgroup, the IDM Configurator project and has board representation within buildingSMART Chapter Switzerland. AEC Managing Director, Rainer Sailer, has pledged to buildingSMART Chief Executive, Richard Petrie, an even greater commitment in the future; one key area being individual training and certification.

Richard Petrie stated “I am delighted with the commitment that Men and Machine have made to buildingSMART and we are very appreciative of the excellent leadership they have already provided for our professional accreditation activities. I very much look forward to their contribution to our future work”.