New Chapter Launched in Spain

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A new chapter of buildingSMART was launched in Spain in November, making it the 16th chapter within the BuildingSMART network, which spans four continents. The chapter will benefit from the improving prospects in the construction industry in Spain and has the promotion of BIM as its chief priority.

The Spanish chapter was officially adopted on 18 November 2014. ‘Over the last five years, knowledge of BIM has grown and the use of BIM is now being seen in relation to cost reduction and quality improvement,’ says Sergio Muñoz, president of the new chapter. ‘This is the right time for us to join the buildingSMART family.’

‘We would like to welcome Spain into the BuildingSMART family,’ says Chris Groome, bSI business manager.

‘We see the new Spanish chapter as a key step in strengthening buildingSMART’s influence in Europe.’ he adds. ‘We also expect that the Spanish chapter will help us to develop buildingSMART in South America given the close cultural connections’.

The international nature of many Spanish companies’ means that the need for international standards is well understood allowing the Spanish chapter to set up a busy programme, with involvement in training, dissemination, certification and standards.

‘The success of the chapter programme indicates the relevance of buildingSMART’s ambitions at a country level,’ adds Richard Petrie, bSI’s CEO.

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Contact point:

Sergio Muñoz, or

President of buildingSMART Spain