Richard Petrie’s end of 2016 review

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2016 has been another busy year for buildingSMART. We have made a great deal of progress both in implementing our operating strategy and in driving forward our activities.

Please find a short presentation highlighting key achievements from across our community in 2016. As ever, this is a collective effort with valuable input from volunteers, members and sponsors. I am extremely grateful, as always, for all this support.

Digitisation is now a strategic topic in the built asset industry world-wide and the demand for open standards and vendor neutral approaches is increasing. This is leading to greater understanding and realisation of the need for buildingSMART and the open operating system we represent.

The opportunities we foresaw three years ago are materialising. I recognise that this can be felt as a challenge in many of our chapters, as local user demands grow, and internationally meaning that we need to work doubly hard to provide leadership both at home and worldwide. Many are already rising to this challenge and I want to give these generous spirited leaders a special mention.

We are at an important threshold and I am excited by the challenges I expect in 2017. I know you have all been extremely busy this year, thank you for finding the time for buildingSMART.

Please enjoy the Seasonal Holiday and I wish you a Happy New Year.

Richard Petrie