SAMOOCM, Korea join buildingSMART International

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buildingSMART International are delighted to welcome their first member from Korea. SAMOOCM is an industry leader in Korea with 40 years of experience in construction management and design.

Since, its establishment in 1976, SAMOOCM has transformed itself into an expert Construction Management Company. SAMOOCM was ranked 14th in the world based on the ‘Top 20 Global Construction Management and Program Management Fees’ rated by ENR.

It is currently leading the future of the CM industry in Korea based on the know-hows and competence that it has accumulated so far. Contributing to the development of construction culture by creating new values with trust and innovation and is a Global leading company in CM/PM industry.

Mr. In Hur, Chief Executive Officer of SAMOOCM is also the Chair of buildingSMART Korea, a thriving and prodigious Chapter of buildingSMART

A spokesperson for SAMOOCM explained their vison: “We are all living in the era of high technology. Today’s world is changing through technology. Both Industry and academia are steadily increasing their interest and applications in BIM. Along with this, significant achievements on maturity of BIM implementation and advanced technology are being made.

Moreover, BIM is breaking away from the conventional level of simple information tool. It has an increasing emphasis on the collaboration systems between organizations for effective performance of construction projects. This is why there is a need to discuss efficient implementation measures as much as technology development.

At SAMOOCM, we would not only like to seek BIM technical information but also seek development measures on policy, technology and applications through joining buildingSMART. Also, we would like to expand our BIM technology into wide range of fields and by sharing international standards of knowledge, we highly anticipate that this will be an opportunity to further develop not only the aspect in technology application scope but also in convergence of technology.”

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive of buildingSMART International, welcomed SAMOOCM  and expressed his delight that such a significant company from the construction industry supply chain has chosen to support the development of open digital solutions.

“Having users specifying the need and then working with us to develop solutions is an important part of buildingSMART’s growth strategy. We are particularly pleased to have input from a country that has been pioneering openBIM in its construction and infrastructure for 20 years”.