V-Con Tender Published

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The V-Con consortium invites vendors to tender for a solution that supports the Linked Data approach and road information exchange and sharing based on open standards.

The request for tender will be released September 22th, 2014 and deadline for phase 0 will be November 7th, 2014. The request will be found via the EU Tenders portal, TED, at http://www.tenderned.nl.

Read about the tender here.

Read about the industry day 9th October 2014: Agenda Industry Day.

About V-Con


The V-Con project aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the National Road Authorities by improving data exchange in the civil infrastructure sector.

The project consists of two parts: a development/standardization part and a so-called Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) part. The duration of the project is four years and the official starting date was October 1st, 2012.